Whether they're brunching on a Sunday or jogging on a Tuesday, society is much more likely to be wearing sneakers and athleisure clothing than your typical jeans-and-tee outfit. Athleisure is fast becoming a way to 'identify' and stand out. Allowing individuals to be unique.

The seismic global shift to activewear has left many major brands scrambling while also creating enormous opportunities for forward-thinking businesses.

Custom activewear and tights have somehow spilled out of gyms and onto the streets, quickly becoming the "trend de jour." And, as a result of this sudden shift in fashion winds, the apparel industry had grown into a multibillion-dollar industry.

Many Fitness Studio owners are jumping onto this market 'shift' and see it as an opportunity to enhance their brand by creating on trend custom activewear for their members.

Benefits are not only financial for the studio but builds brand loyalty and is a form of free marketing when members are out and about in their custom tights at the café slipping latte.

Trend-spotting and behavioral marketing in the print-on-demand industry have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds since the market's shift to activewear.

Knowing your target customers' spending habits and staying up to date on the latest fitness trends are now critical components of running a successful Gym.

Hyperbeat Custom Activewear manufactures premium activewear for Gym, PTs, Clubs across the Australian Fitness Industry.
Currently at time of writing they service over 2000 fitness businesses. Get in contact to see how we can help you stand out