Hyperbeat Custom Activewear - BUT WHAT TO POST?

Hyperbeat Custom Activewear - BUT WHAT TO POST?

3 Tips to help you generate social media content for your business.

It can be a struggle. All those social media platforms that need to be filled with content, not to mention the day-to-day running of your business. We know how important social media can be for generating awareness and sales, but sometimes it can be left on the ‘if I have time today’ list if things get overwhelming. Here are a few tips to generating content quickly and with authenticity, while saving time.

1. Keep it real.
Document your daily activity and client interactions, rather than creating content. A quick video or photo of you or your staff interacting with a client, chatting to a supplier, installing new equipment or working on an interesting project. This helps show a relatable and authentic side to your brand.

2. Shout out to the community.
If you sell a product, encourage users to share photos and videos of themselves using and interacting with your items. Social media is the new written testimonial, and provides social proof that your product lives up to expectations. Repost user generated photos and videos on your business profiles, but be sure to tag-in the person who originally uploaded the content.

3. Reuse your existing content.
That’s right. It’s ok to republish your older posts. Make sure it’s a piece of content that has preformed well for you and received a lot of engagement. This is a great way to save time if you’re under the pump or lacking any new content.

Bonus tip: a good way find your consumers using your product or service on social media is to encourage them to include your business name as a hashtag on their posts, e.g., #Hyperbeat Custom Activewear. This way you can search #Hyperbeat Custom Activewear and instantly locate any content that has been posted.


Hyperbeat Custom Activewear manufactures premium activewear for Gym, PTs, Clubs across the Australian Fitness Industry.
Currently at time of writing they service over 2000 fitness businesses. Get in contact to see how we can help you stand out