Brand quality is important. Thus YOUR brand quality is important.

What is it you ask?

Brand quality is the perception of quality that your brand achieves with your customers.

When it comes to presenting the look and feel of your business everything matters. Below are a few tips on how to increase your brand quality.

While reading this if you say to yourself saying, I can get this done on the cheap, just remember getting things done cheaply often costs twice as much as you have to go back fix the mistakes made by going down the cheaper route.

Custom Activewear is no different. You and your clients/member appreciate and deserve quality.

Get a proper business logo.

What is a logo? It is a unique symbol that represents or identifies your business.

It can be used on multiple forms of media. Example it can be placed on a letterhead, stitched onto a hat, printed on clothing or used on your website.

What is not a logo
: Clip art, illustrations, photos, or overly complex design.

Logos should be kept a 3 colours maximum. Remember less is more when it comes to a logo

Spend the money and get a proper graphic designer to create your business logo. Don’t waste time with free logo makers.

Clean up that Social Media

Go through your Facebook and Instagram and clean up those posts, cover photos and Profile pictures.

Imagine you are a new customer discovering your business for the first time. Can I find the following:

  • Your website
  • Your number
  • Your location
  • Link to your website
  • Images of members training

Think about what turns you off from discovering more about a company. Ask yourself, does it look professional.

Level up your Communications:

Send out a regular emails to your client base. Programs like MailChimp can assist in lifting the presentation of your email communications. They have a great drag and drop features and many different templates to get you started.

Get a website, if you have one, get a better website

There are many easy to use website builders out there. Example Wix, Shopify, Bigcommerce. They have low monthly fees a great pre made templates. A nice looking, easy to use website makes all the difference in giving your business some brand rep.

If you need help getting some quality imagery uploaded then we recommend getting a graphic designer to assist in making correctly sized images for your website. Don’t cut and paste stock images found on a google search. 

Hyperbeat Custom Activewear manufactures premium activewear for Gym, PTs, Clubs across the Australian Fitness Industry.
Currently at time of writing they service over 2000 fitness businesses. Get in contact to see how we can help you stand out