4 Ways to Grow Your Fitness Business

4 Ways to Grow Your Fitness Business

The current marketing situation involves businesses trying to yell over the top of each other for the customers attention. It may seem that the business with the most money to spend on advertising will be the one that wins their attention. This is not always the case. Below are a few tips on how to grow your fitness brand and stand out from the masses.

1. Facebook/ Instagram

Before you roll your eyes and say to yourself “oh god” another blog saying to use Facebook and Instagram. These 2 platforms are now a staple in marketing and yet so many businesses are not posting daily on them.

Consumer behaviour is such that a potential customer will review your Facebook and Instagram before they review your website.

A simple picture of your clients working out, customers wearing your gear or 10 second video with a ‘pro tip’ will be enough to start growing a following. It also shows potential customers the ‘vibe’ of your business. This is a hugely influential when they and deciding on if you’re the business for them.

2. Website conversations

Some of the most underused methods of getting a sale by Gym Owners is their website.

Websites are cheap and easy to create these days. You no long need to drop $5k on new website to get started.

There are platforms that have built in shopping carts and drag and drop website creation tools.

Make sure your website has a ‘call to action’. What do you want the viewer to do when they are on your website. Example, sign up to a free 1 week trail, download your weight loss meal plans’ etc. You need to make sure they are guided around your website with the ultimate goal to have them provide you with their contact details or sign up to you gym.

Make sure it is easy for them to purchase that 10 class pass or yearly membership. They don’t want to have to call you to do this. Websites these days have built in shopping carts so your clients can easily go online and purchase a membership.

The more hurdles you place in front of them the lower the conversation rate. Quick and simple is key.

3.Create a Tribe:

Everyone wants to be part of their own micro community. A Gym or PT group is a perfect way to do this. Create some custom activewear. Your members will love it. Putting your logo on activewear and having your members wear it is a great way to gain some free advertising and have your members feel part of your tribe. It’s also a great way to create an alternative revenue source. You can check out our range of ready to brand premium custom activewear here:

Create a Facebook group or WhatsApp group for your members. This this a great platform to post videos or make announcements to your members. By keeping these groups closed to the public it helps your member feel a part of something and in the turn they will be less likely to leave. They will see your monthly membership fee as a necessity rather than a cost.

4.Follow up old leads

If you need to boost membership numbers don’t forget about the old leads you have gathered. They might have ignored or said no to you in the past but if some time has passed then their circumstances may have changed and sending out an EDM (Email Out) may just remind them about you. As its direct email your conversation will be low but it is a free way to get more eyeballs on your business.